I love you, baby girl.


« You can tell the Kaziri to take her three thousand old instructions and shove it in her virtual ass. »

All Things Must Pass / I Almost Prayed, Defiance, 2.11 et 2.12

Michael Nankin (D), Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer / Kevin Murphy (S), 28/08/14

Even Stahma’s words are poison.

Our salvation comes hand in hand with our doom.


Tennety vs Amanda. Round 2. I think Amanda got this one.

Momma’s boy.

Momma’s boy.


"It’s beginning."

Bottom of the World, Defiance, 2.10

Andy Wolk (D), Anupam Nigam (10) (S), 21/08/14

It’s just hard to accept that someone you love is a murderer.

Who wants to see this spinoff from Defiance?